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Vegetable Tunnels is specializing with Greenhouse tunnels in South Africa and other parts of Africa. We specialize in vegetable tunnels sales. Greenhouse tunnels are becoming a more regular feature on the premises of specialized farms and domestic gardens and plots. Tunnels Prices improve harvests for farmers and hobby gardeners who dream about fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from their garden. Where does the growing popularity of garden greenhouse come from?

Greenhouse farming South Africa Growers Supply offers commercial greenhouses, cold frames, high tunnels, greenhouse supplies, commercial greenhouse kits, polycarbonate panels, greenhouse film, hydroponic systems, greenhouse heaters, greenhouse plastic, greenhouse fans, seed-starting supplies, hydroponics, greenhouse vents, greenhouse shelving, nursery carts and wagons, greenhouse lighting, raised bed kits, shade cloth, nursery and gardening supplies as well as other greenhouse accessories and more to help you manage your greenhouse, nursery business or home.
The main advantages of tunnels include the possibility to avail of multiple harvests from a given site during one growing season, which is impossible with traditional cultivation in open field. The rapid development of intensive crop production under cover is an opportunity for farmers to raise income and modernize the farm, while for hobbyists, it is an opportunity to develop their passion, improve their well-being and supply fresh and healthy food to their family



For the amateur gardener, a garden greenhouse is the ideal addition to a vegetable patch and a definite source of pleasure. Your aim is to grow a diverse selection of fresh and healthy fruits and veg for family and even friends around you ? Then a ” hobby ” polytunnel is your choice because it is functional , durable and affordable. For more versatility , you will opt for the ”hobby multivegetation ”polytunnel which double side ventilation allows longer growing seasons and a wider choice of crop , sensitive to high

Greenhouse for sale

Standard size for a Start 

  • 10m  x  30m x4.5m for 900 plants
  • 11 x 10 x1.9m high arches,
  • 22 x 3 meter legs that will inter fit in the arches.
  • 50 x 3 meter connection braces.
  • One door size 2.5 x 2.5m
  • Two flaps same size as the arches.
  • 4 x 3.4 cross brace at 4 corners
  • 4 x 3.2 supports between arch 1 and arch 2
  • 2x 3.4 supports between arch 1 and arch 2
  • All steel will be 42×1.6mm mild steel that will be painted
  • Legs are slanted material is 48x2mm  
We only use materials of very high quality and guarantee our products as well as our expertise. Hydroponic tunnels enable farmers to produce crops under controlled conditions. Regulating warming, cooling, irrigation and the application of plant nutrients by using the correct equipment, the farmer can maintain sustainable production throughout the year

We supply durable 200 micron plastic or shade netting to cover these tunnels in order to enable farmers to have healthier crops and plants. It is advisable to put netting on the plastic overlaps to enhance protection against lifting of plastic overlaps by wind

Vegetables are important for food security and poverty alleviation. Nevertheless, in South Africa food insecurity still exists. Greenhouses are already a very important way to produce vegetables in South Africa because of the production potential, the high quality of the produce and the efficient water usage.

Net houses for sale


  • Helps with the cultivation of vegetables, flower plants, foliage plants, medicinal/aromatic plants & herbs.
  • Helps to enhance yield during summer seasons.
  • Protects from natural weather disturbance such as wind, rain, hail, frost, birds & insects.
  • Helps creating favorable micro environment for production


  • Our aim is to assist all types of clients, hence it be for supplying your family with fresh produce or making a living out of it.
  • Subsistence farming
  • Commercial farming
  • Rural development


  • We use CCA treated 75/100 – 100/125 SABS approved Poles – 3.6m high, 6m x 6m construction as a standard size. Poles have been treated with a preservative containing copper, chromium and arsenic, making the poles last longer.
  • Galvanized 90mm x 2mm / 60mm x 2mm poles – optional to client’s requirements

Each plant has its own individual requirements of sunlight and shade under which it flourishes at its best. To create optimum climate conditions, selections of the correct % of shade net factor plays an important role to enhance plants productivity to its optimum. Agricultural shade nets are available in different colours and combinations. We use a 20% / 40% / 60% / 70% agricultural shade net.


Our cable construction consists of the following:

  • 6mm / 8mm / 10mm Galvanized Stay Wire
  • Galvanized Vineline Brace Tight – connects to stay wire.
  • Galvanized Vineline Double Wrapping Grip – connects from corner pole to stay wire.
  • Galvanized Vineline Tight Grips – connects from stay wire to anchors.
  • Galvanized Anchors – driven into the ground to support structure.
  • Galvanized Hog Rings – connects net to stay wire.



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